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ilco RO1 key blank for National Rockford locks and Lane Cedar Chests

Ilco RO-1 Key Blank for National Rockford | USA & Canada

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READ TECHNICAL NOTES FIRST FOR PRODUCT RECALL Est.1965. Fast shipping: USA, Canada & Worldwide.

No minimum order of Ilco E-Z key blank RO1 for Compx National Rockford IL locks, order as little as 1 key blank.

We are a wholesale and retail supplier and distributor of automotive, residential, commercial, industrial, padlock, Trailer & RV, heavy equipment, switch, elevator, high security key blanks.

Replacement Key blanks for Ilco, DL, Dominion Lock, Cole, Curtis, ESP, Hillman, Jet, JMA, Orion, Silca, Star, Taylor are available from Acme Lock & Key Toronto

Technical Info:

This key blank is for locks manufactured by the Compx National Rockford IL from 1903 to present. These locks are used primarily on cabinets, office furniture and were used on Lane Cedar Chests.

***WARNING Lane Cedar Chests & Virginia Maid Cedar Chests manufactured from 1912 to 1987 have a lock that automatically latches when the lid closes and 14 children have suffocated to death in these chests because of this lock. 

If you have a customer wanting a duplicate key for one of these chests ask them if the lid self latches. If so there are FREE replacement locks. Please click the press release link below***

CPSC Urges Consumers to Replace or Remove Latches/Locks on Lane and Virginia Maid Cedar Chests; 14 Deaths Reported |

Product Safety (

Technical Info by:

John Rowland, CML.
Certified Master Locksmith
Associated Locksmiths of America
ALOA Security Professionals Association Inc.


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