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Office Keys, Cores, Parts, RV Keys | USA & Canada  Est. 1965. Fast shipping: USA, Canada & Worldwide of Keys, Cores, Parts for All Makes of Office Furniture File Cabinets, Desks, Cubicles & RV Trailer Keys


***Please enter your key code into the "Search All Products" Search Bar, it will take you to the matching code series available***


If there is no match please email us a picture of the lock code or the key to  


This pricing is for orders placed online only


Order Office Furniture & RV cut keys from the number stamped on the lock or key

Keys supplied may be factory original or aftermarket depending on availability

Key numbers are stamped on all keys we supply for easy identification

There are no refunds or returns on Office Furniture & RV keys, this keeps our prices low


Order Lock Cores and Housings as well

There are no refunds or returns on Lock Cores or Housings, this keeps our prices low, please be sure you are ordering the correct part.


*April 1st , 2021 Acme purchased all of Long Life's Keys, Lock Cores and Parts.*


Long Life Locks Business Card

Long Life Sale of Keys & Cores to Acme


Update September 18th,

We have moved all of the Long Life inventory into our retail store. Roy and Pat Long are going to be here for a few days at the end of September to help us with identifying and cataloging the various keys and parts.

We are adding keys, locks and parts daily to the online store for ordering. If you have emailed us requests for parts we will be contacting you soon.


Available to order online now are almost all of the Office Furniture Cut Keys
Available to order online now are the following lock cores:
Steelcase FR301 to FR460 & XF1001 to XF1150
Haworth HW001 to HW399 & SL001 to SL300
K I Industries or Krueger International P1 to P99

Technical Info:

Pictures and info courtesy of Roy Long

For vast office furniture service info visit

For quick how to videos visit Roy’s YouTube channel


How to remove a broken key:

Remove a broken key from a lock 6 ways - YouTube

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Common Key Ordering Problems:

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