DOM 2C1900 to 2C1999 Key | USA & Canada

Dom Lock and Key Series 2C1900 to 2C1999

DOM 2C1900 to 2C1999 Key | USA & Canada

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  • Free Canada and USA shipping on orders over $100 Est.1965. Fast shipping: USA, Canada & Worldwide of DOM Lock 2C1900 to 2C1999 series easy replacement keys for Office Furniture, File Cabinets, Desks, Drawers, Cubicles. We also ship DOM Lock cores, housings & parts. When you have lost or are missing the key we make easy replacement key copies by the code number stamped on the original key or on the face of the lock. We stamp our replacement keys with that code number for easy identification. We make keys for all major manufacturers. We have a vast inventory of hard to find key cylinders, cores, lock housings, complete locks & parts for all major office furniture desk file cabinet and cubicle manufacturers including obsolete and legacy parts.

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Technical Info:

Pictures and info courtesy of Roy Long

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For quick how to videos visit Roy’s YouTube channel Mr. File Cab


Dom Info:

Dom Locks (

Reff or Knoll file cab locks - YouTube

Repair file cabinet lock Sunar "2C" style - YouTube

There are no refunds or returns on office furniture keys, this keeps our prices low

If your key goes into the lock but did not work please check the following:

Did you order the correct key, the numbers stamped on the lock can be hard to read, use a magnifying glass or take a picture with your cell phone and zoom in.

Sometimes the number on the lock is wrong or the lock has been rekeyed, you will require onsite service to repair or a new lock is required

If the key goes in and turns but the furniture does not lock then there is a problem with the locking mechanism

If the key won't go in check and see if there is a broken key inside the lock, if so it will have to be removed or you will need a new lock

Keys in this series:

2C1900 2C1901 2C1902 2C1903 2C1904 2C1905 2C1906 2C1907 2C1908 2C1909 2C1910 2C1911 2C1912 2C1913 2C1914 2C1915 2C1916 2C1917 2C1918 2C1919 2C1920 2C1921 2C1922 2C1923 2C1924 2C1925 2C1926 2C1927 2C1928 2C1929 2C1930 2C1931 2C1932 2C1933 2C1934 2C1935 2C1936 2C1937 2C1938 2C1939 2C1940 2C1941 2C1942 2C1943 2C1944 2C1945 2C1946 2C1947 2C1948 2C1949 2C1950 2C1951 2C1952 2C1953 2C1954 2C1955 2C1956 2C1957 2C1958 2C1959 2C1960 2C1961 2C1962 2C1963 2C1964 2C1965 2C1966 2C1967 2C1968 2C1969 2C1970 2C1971 2C1972 2C1973 2C1974 2C1975 2C1976 2C1977 2C1978 2C1979 2C1980 2C1981 2C1982 2C1983 2C1984 2C1985 2C1986 2C1987 2C1988 2C1989 2C1990 2C1991 2C1992 2C1993 2C1994 2C1995 2C1996 2C1997 2C1998 2C1999


-10 small office furniture keys or 5 full size keys can ship by Canada Post regular non tracked mail for $4.95
-Other orders ship by Canada Post shipping of your choice at checkout at actual Canada Post cost

Other orders ship by Canada Post shipping of your choice at checkout at actual Canada Post cost