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guard master keyed brass padlock 834 40mm1-1/2" wide

Guard Brass Padlock 834 USA & Canada

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The Guard 834 MK 40mm 1-1/2" wide brass padlock with a 51/64” shackle clearance and 1/4" Shackle diameter Master Keyed padlock.

The Guard brand is a very cost effective padlock for all indoor and outdoor applications including wood and steel gates, roll down and sliding gates and grills, outdoor garden sheds, lockers, containers, vans and trucks, very small little tiny keyed different and keyed alike padlocks for travel luggage and suitcases, trailers, roof racks and ladders, garage roll up doors.


Please note these Master keyed padlocks are available immediately in the following keying:

MK#1, MK#2

Master Keyed Guard padlocks have 2 keys for each padlock which are stamped with a serial number, please look at the picture for reference. All of the padlocks are opened with a Master Key. These are ideal locks to be used on lockers. The Master Key is sold separately.

The price is for 1 padlock and there is no minimum order, these padlocks have 12 in a box and 96 in a case.

Please use these quantities, if possible, to help with shipping and to make it easier for you to store them.


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