Fireking HG001 to HG099 Replacement key | USA & Canada

Fireking HG001 to HG099 Replacement key | USA & Canada

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FireKing HG001 to HG099 series easy replacement keys for Fire King File Cabinets sold by Office Depot, Quill, Turtle, Staples, Winchester and Uline.

We also ship Fire King lock cores, housings & parts.

For lost or missing keys we make easy replacement key copies by the code number stamped on the original key or the number on the lock

We stamp our replacement keys with that code number for easy identification. We make keys for all major manufacturers.

We have a vast inventory of hard to find key cylinders, cores, lock housings, complete locks & parts for all major office furniture desk file cabinet and cubicle manufacturers including obsolete and legacy parts.

Technical Info by:

Stamping of keys and locks is not consistent and could be in various formats like HG1 or HG01 or HG001 and so on. 

This link to the Long Life website has information on Fire Proof File Cabinets and will be of some help if servicing is required.

Fire Proof Locks and Parts (


Below is a Video of changing the lock core on a Fire Proof File Cabinet old style lock

fireproof file cabinet lock replace old style - YouTube

Below is a video of changing the lock core on a Fire Proof File Cabinet new style lock

Guardex fireproof filing cabinet chage lock - YouTube


For a wealth of office furniture servicing visit Roy's website and YouTube Channel

Long life ltd home of long life locks ,keys and office furniture parts

MrFileCab - YouTube

John Rowland, CML.
Certified Master Locksmith
Associated Locksmiths of America
ALOA Security Professionals Association Inc.

There are no refunds or returns on office furniture keys, this keeps our prices low

If your key goes into the lock but did not work please check the following:

Did you order the correct key, the numbers stamped on the lock can be hard to read, use a magnifying glass or take a picture with your cell phone and zoom in.

Sometimes the number on the lock is wrong or the lock has been rekeyed, you will require onsite service to repair or a new lock is required

If the key goes in and turns but the furniture does not lock then there is a problem with the locking mechanism

If the key won't go in check and see if there is a broken key inside the lock, if so it will have to be removed or you will need a new lock

Keys in this series:

HG01 HG02 HG03 HG04 HG05 HG06 HG07 HG08 HG09 HG1 HG2 HG3 HG4 HG5 HG6 HG7 HG8 HG9 HG10 HG11 HG12 HG13 HG14 HG15 HG16 HG17 HG18 HG19 HG20 HG21 HG22 HG23 HG24 HG25 HG26 HG27 HG28 HG29 HG30 HG31 HG32 HG33 HG34 HG35 HG36 HG37 HG38 HG39 HG40 HG41 HG42 HG43 HG44 HG45 HG46 HG47 HG48 HG49 HG50 HG51 HG52 HG53 HG54 HG55 HG56 HG57 HG58 HG59 HG60 HG61 HG62 HG63 HG64 HG65 HG66 HG67 HG68 HG69 HG70 HG71 HG72 HG73 HG74 HG75 HG76 HG77 HG78 HG79 HG80 HG81 HG82 HG83 HG84 HG85 HG86 HG87 HG88 HG89 HG90 HG91 HG92 HG93 HG94 HG95 HG96 HG97 HG98 HG99 

HG001 HG002 HG003 HG004 HG005 HG006 HG007 HG008 HG009 HG010 HG011 HG012 HG013 HG014 HG015 HG016 HG017 HG018 HG019 HG020 HG021 HG022 HG023 HG024 HG025 HG026 HG027 HG028 HG029 HG030 HG031 HG032 HG033 HG034 HG035 HG036 HG037 HG038 HG039 HG040 HG041 HG042 HG043 HG044 HG045 HG046 HG047 HG048 HG049 HG050 HG051 HG052 HG053 HG054 HG055 HG056 HG057 HG058 HG059 HG060 HG061 HG062 HG063 HG064 HG065 HG066 HG067 HG068 HG069 HG070 HG071 HG072 HG073 HG074 HG075 HG076 HG077 HG078 HG079 HG080 HG081 HG082 HG083 HG084 HG085 HG086 HG087 HG088 HG089 HG090 HG091 HG092 HG093 HG094 HG095 HG096 HG097 HG098 HG099


-10 small office furniture keys or 5 full size keys can ship by Canada Post regular non tracked mail for $4.95
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Other orders ship by Canada Post shipping of your choice at checkout at actual Canada Post cost