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Detex DT011 to DT030 Cover Key | USA & Canada

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This product has been added to your cart View Cart () Est.1965. Fast shipping: USA, Canada & Worldwide of the Detex Exit Control Lock battery cover DT011 to DT030 series easy replacement key. When you have lost or are missing the key we make easy replacement key copies by the code number stamped on the original key or on the face of the lock. We stamp our replacement keys with that code number for easy identification. We make keys for all major manufacturers. We have a vast inventory of hard to find key cylinders, cores, lock housings, complete locks & parts for all major manufacturers including obsolete and legacy parts.


The Detex exit control lock and door mounted alarms require a key to remove the cover for battery replacement. To remove the cover with the key the unit must be in the unlocked position.

Use this manufacturer link for battery replacement instructions


ECL-230D Battery Change (

Keys in this series:

DT011 DT012 DT013 DT014 DT015 DT016 DT017 DT018 DT019 DT020 DT021 DT022 DT023 DT024 DT025 DT026 DT027 DT028 DT029 DT030