Best 1M101 to 1M200 Med Cart Replacement Key | USA & Canada

Best 1M101 to 1M200 Med Cart Replacement Key | USA & Canada

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Healthcare Medication Drug Carts 1M101 to 1M200 series easy replacement keys for Bell, Craftsman, Huskey, Kobalt, Waterloo, Westward & other manufacturers.

When you have lost or are missing the key we make easy replacement key copies by the code number stamped on the original key or on the face of the lock.

We stamp our replacement keys with that code number for easy identification.

We make keys for all major manufacturers. 

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Technical Notes:

The Best lock and key system used on these carts are very precise and we make each of these by code, we do not copy them, each key we provide is an original cut on a Factory original Best Key Combinator.

Technical Info by:

John Rowland, CML.
Certified Master Locksmith
Associated Locksmiths of America
ALOA Security Professionals Association Inc.

There are no refunds or returns on office furniture keys, this keeps our prices low

If your key goes into the lock but did not work please check the following:

Did you order the correct key, the numbers stamped on the lock can be hard to read, use a magnifying glass or take a picture with your cell phone and zoom in.

Sometimes the number on the lock is wrong or the lock has been rekeyed, you will require onsite service to repair or a new lock is required

If the key goes in and turns but the furniture does not lock then there is a problem with the locking mechanism

If the key won't go in check and see if there is a broken key inside the lock, if so it will have to be removed or you will need a new lock

Keys in this series:

1M101 1M102 1M103 1M104 1M105 1M106 1M107 1M108 1M109 1M110 1M111 1M112 1M113 1M114 1M115 1M116 1M117 1M118 1M119 1M120 1M121 1M122 1M123 1M124 1M125 1M126 1M127 1M128 1M129 1M130 1M131 1M132 1M133 1M134 1M135 1M136 1M137 1M138 1M139 1M140 1M141 1M142 1M143 1M144 1M145 1M146 1M147 1M148 1M149 1M150 1M151 1M152 1M153 1M154 1M155 1M156 1M157 1M158 1M159 1M160 1M161 1M162 1M163 1M164 1M165 1M166 1M167 1M168 1M169 1M170 1M171 1M172 1M173 1M174 1M175 1M176 1M177 1M178 1M179 1M180 1M181 1M182 1M183 1M184 1M185 1M186 1M187 1M188 1M189 1M190 1M191 1M192 1M193 1M194 1M195 1M196 1M197 1M198 1M199 1M200

IM101 IM102 IM103 IM104 IM105 IM106 IM107 IM108 IM109 IM110 IM111 IM112 IM113 IM114 IM115 IM116 IM117 IM118 IM119 IM120 IM121 IM122 IM123 IM124 IM125 IM126 IM127 IM128 IM129 IM130 IM131 IM132 IM133 IM134 IM135 IM136 IM137 IM138 IM139 IM140 IM141 IM142 IM143 IM144 IM145 IM146 IM147 IM148 IM149 IM150 IM151 IM152 IM153 IM154 IM155 IM156 IM157 IM158 IM159 IM160 IM161 IM162 IM163 IM164 IM165 IM166 IM167 IM168 IM169 IM170 IM171 IM172 IM173 IM174 IM175 IM176 IM177 IM178 IM179 IM180 IM181 IM182 IM183 IM184 IM185 IM186 IM187 IM188 IM189 IM190 IM191 IM192 IM193 IM194 IM195 IM196 IM197 IM198 IM199 IM200


-10 small office furniture keys or 5 full size keys can ship by Canada Post regular non tracked mail for $4.95
-Other orders ship by Canada Post shipping of your choice at checkout at actual Canada Post cost

Other orders ship by Canada Post shipping of your choice at checkout at actual Canada Post cost