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Ilco E-Z key blank BE2 for Best Falcon Locks

Ilco BE-2 Key Blank for Best Falcon Locks | USA & Canada

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PRICE GROUP E Est.1965. Fast shipping: USA, Canada & Worldwide.

No minimum order of Ilco E-Z key blank BE2 for Best, Falcon & others, order as little as 1 key blank.

We are a wholesale and retail supplier and distributor of automotive, residential, commercial, industrial, padlock, Trailer & RV, heavy equipment, switch, elevator, high security key blanks.

Replacement Key blanks for Ilco, DL, Dominion Lock, Cole, Curtis, ESP, Hillman, Jet, JMA, Orion, Silca, Star, Taylor are available from Acme Lock & Key Toronto

Technical Info:

This key blank is for Best Small Format Interchangeable Core locks. This is the original Best keyway and it has been copied by many lock manufacturers.

It is a difficult key to cut as it must be gaged from the cut on the tip at the bottom of the key as it has no shoulder. Take your time with it.

Technical Info by:

John Rowland, CML.
Certified Master Locksmith
Associated Locksmiths of America
ALOA Security Professionals Association Inc.


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