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Schlage Original C cut key presidential size

Schlage C Key Cut Presidential Size | USA & Canada

  • $9.75

Please enter 5 digit number stamped on the original Schlage key
This product has been added to your cart View Cart () Est.1965. Fast shipping: USA, Canada & Worldwide. No minimum order of the Schlage Presidential cut key for Residential locks. Order as little as 1 key. We make replacement copies of keys for all major lock manufacturers. Order from the serial number stamped on the standard size key and we can duplicate it.

If possible please visit your local Retail Storefront Locksmith and have your keys duplicated by a professional. Only order your keys from Acme online if this option is not available.

This key can be made from the number on the standard size Schlage original keys. It is a very impressive fantastic quality key similar to Baldwin or Emtek and will look great on your key ring. The larger size also stands out making it easier to find your house key on your ring of keys. The picture does not show the larger size very well but the top of the key is much larger than the standard size. Schlage locks are excellent quality and the lock cylinders are very precise. We find the aftermarket non original keys do not always work or if they do they don't work very well.

Please note these keys usually work however we do not guarantee them, this keeps our prices low. 



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