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    Easy Replacement of lost or missing Keys for Tool Boxes


    Please enter your key code into the Search Bar above

    It will take you to the matching Key Code series that are available to order

    If there is no match please email us a picture of the lock code or the key to  


    This pricing is for orders placed online only


    Order Tool Box cut keys from the number stamped on the lock or key

    Keys supplied may be factory original or aftermarket depending on availability

    Key numbers are stamped on all keys we supply for easy identification

    There are no refunds or returns on Tool Box keys, this keeps our prices low


    When you have lost or are missing the key we make easy replacement key copies by the code number stamped on the original key or on the face of the lock.

    We stamp our easy replacement keys with that code number for easy identification. 

    We make keys for the following manufacturers of Tool Boxes:

    Beach, Boxo, Craftsman, Cornwell, Daytona, Dewalt, Gear Wrench, Gedore, Gerstner, Grey Tools Canada, Hart, Hazet, Homak, Husky, Hyper Tough, Icon, Kennedy, Kirkland (Costco), Kobalt, Lyon Metal, Mac, Mastercraft (Canadian Tire), Matco, Maximum, MBI, Milwaukee, Moduline, Olympia, Performax, Rousseau, Seville, Snap-on, Stanley, Strictly Toolbox, Summit, Tekton, Trusco, US General, Yukon, Waterloo, Westward, Whynter,  


    We make keys for the following manufacturers of Truck Tool Boxes:

    Decked, Dee Zee, Ironton, Merritt, Northern Tool & Equipment, UWS, Weatherguard, 

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