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Emtek Locks Original C Key Blank

Emtek Original C Key Blank | USA & Canada

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No minimum order of Emtek original key blanks, order as little as 1 key blank.

We are a wholesale and retail supplier and distributor of automotive, residential, commercial, industrial, padlock, Trailer & RV, heavy equipment, switch, elevator, high security key blanks. Replacement Key blanks for Ilco, DL, Dominion Lock, Cole, Curtis, ESP, Hillman, Jet, JMA, Orion, Silca, Star, Taylor are available from Acme Lock & Key Toronto

The Emtek line of locks are high quality used in residential houses and condo's.

The Key Blanks we send you are the exact original product you see in the picture, similar to the SC1 aftermarket key blank.

The Emtek lock is very precise and we have found that the aftermarket SC1 non original keys do not always work or if they do work they do not work the lock smoothly.